Welcome to the website ‘Centrum voor Levensvragen Rotterdam & omstreken

This website on spiritual care, support and consultation is in the Dutch language.

It contains information about the following:

  • What the ‘Centrum voor Levensvragen Rotterdam & omstreken’ can do for you.
  • What existential questions are.
  • What a spiritual counsellor can do for you.
  • Where in Rotterdam and surrounding area’s spiritual counsellors are to be found.
  • What is offered in your neighbourhood on groups and meetings around existential theme’s.

About spiritual counselling and existential questions

Spiritual care is care for people with existential or spiritual questions or needs.

Everyone has existential questions during his or her lifetime. These questions can be common, like the concern about how to make your day worthwhile. They can also be one’s quest for the meaning of life. Often existential questions occur in situations of severe illness or experiences of loss.

Some examples of existential questions are:

Is being good for others more valuable than being happy?
What is really meaningful for me, and have I been able to spend enough time and give attention to what really matters for me?
How to spend the rest of my days?
Has my life been meaningful?
How to cope with feelings of being more and more dependent?
What is Gods or Allah’s plan for me?
Normally you can rely on your family, friends, colleagues or religious community to talk about such life questions. If this is not possible for you, than you can find support from a volunteer or professional at the ‘Centrum voor Levensvragen Rotterdam & omstreken’.

Spiritual care is the professional support, help and advice in questions related to spiritual or existential needs, concerns and resources. Spiritual care is about caring for what you find important for your life. This is different for each person.